Why Luxury Scented Candles?

Ode began with the mission of bringing joy to others through unique, luxurious fragrances. 

The candle was the perfect vehicle to deliver just that. A small luxury gift with the power to alter spaces, to evoke powerful imagery and memories, and to transform moods. 

This journey of creation revealed that not all candles are equal. The variations are immense, including;

  • Wax material: paraffin v soy v coconut v bees v rapeseed (canola)
  • Scent materials: natural, synthetic, off-the-shelf, bespoke, sustainable
  • Manufacture: mass produced abroad v hand poured locally.
  • The chemistry of scent: a beautiful fragrance may smell completely different in cold wax (cold throw) vs. warm while the candle is burning (hot throw). Likewise, a beautiful perfume may never work as a candle if the scent cannot escape the flame and form a beautiful cloud of scent throughout the room. 

It’s taken a year, but finally we have Ode. Scented candles that champion the artistry of perfumery. A brand and product that we hope will truly delight you.  

So what makes a luxury scented candle?

  • High quality ingredients and unique scents. We choose to source unique raw ingredients that can be traced back to the farmer. To illustrate, the use of Timut Pepper (Fierce Lemon) is - to my knowledge from the manufacturer - the first commercial use of this compound in a candle. The rose (Wasted Rose) is a sustainable recycled rose distilled from the waste product of traditional rose scents.
  • Hand made, hand poured, hand finished. All elements of our candles are made by hand in Sydney Australia.
  • Artisan slow perfume. Created from scratch. Each beautiful fragrance has a unique story and creative approach. The product of a lifetime of training by our expert perfumer, and many, many hours in collaboration.
  • Rare and sustainable hero ingredients of the highest quality. Most commercial fragrances rely on synthetic aroma-chemicals that mimic natural scents. This is not bad per say, they are cheaper to access but lack the raw force of the natural ingredient.
  • A strict commitment to ethical sourcing. We can track our raw ingredients to the suppliers to ensure quality.
  • Small batches.
  • 100% soy wax.
  • Pure cotton wicks, lead free.

Luxury is knowing that the product is made with passion, care and vision. Owning something niche and rare, and original piece of art. A scent that you make your own.

We put all of our value into the product itself - the fragrance is the hero. We do not waste money on marketing and extravagant packaging.