What makes Ode scents special?

What makes Ode scents special?

It took a year to develop and perfect Ode's first five fragrances. The aim was to surprise and delight, so time was taken to ensure that the stories were translated into perfectly balanced scents. 

Working with an expert, French trained, Australian artisan perfumer to create bespoke fine fragrances meant that we could push the boundaries of storytelling.  We sourced interesting raw materials to make each product truly special. We used premium ingredients to create complex, multilayered scents.

We want you to smell true art and luxury. 

Ode does not imitate, Ode revels in being unique. 

Here is a showcase of some of the more special materials that feature in our scents.

WASTED ROSE ___ Rose ultimate Extract TM

"With this new interpretation of rose, IFF-LMR
demonstrates that innovation can come from the
most famous classics. LMR Rose Ultimate Extract is
like a Picasso re-interpretation of a classical painting,
deconstructing rose to better rediscover it.” (IFF LMR)

We are very proud to have used a highly sustainable rose extract that is made from a product that would usually be discarded. The result is a very heady floral, rose with honeyed, fruity, apricot undertones, and a tobacco aspect. Animalistic, opulent and sensual. It is certified ECOCERT For Life for its sustainable and organic practices. 

Along with its incredible sustainability qualities, the Rose Ultimate Extract was the perfect hero for the Wasted Rose story. A tough, jammy, urban rose to anchor the gritty urban cityscape of concrete, leather, black coffee and patchouli. An ode to finding magic and beauty in something that would ordinarily be overlooked.

This amazing Flower Flash art installation by Lewis Miller is a great visual representation behind the story and inspiration for the scent.



FIERCE LEMON ___ Timut Pepper & Salted Plum

A zesty, spicy, crisp mood enhancer, an ode to that friend that pushes and motivates you. Fierce Lemon is an explosion of happy and unexpected spicy elements.

The addition of timut pepper to our scent is the first time of its use in an Australian fragrance. Timut pepper has woody, citrusy, grapefruit notes. This spiky little peppercorn is a great addition to our medley of spices of pink peppercorn and sichuan peppercorn. Our goal was to add some heat to the traditionally happy uplifting lemon and citrus notes in Fierce Lemon. 

The salted plum was another twist that makes the Fierce Lemon scent so unique. Tart, salty and sweet, this dried delicacy in parts of Asia makes you pucker your cheeks. A wake up call for the senses.